Awards Ceremonies & Celebrity: Insights


Arts, Entertainment, Film Festivals, Non-Profits, Foundations and Corporations all have a need to host often elaborate Events such as Awards Ceremonies to honor those who have furthered the cause of their respective industries.  Awards Ceremonies are also a great way to elevate organizations in the media and bring forth publicity to your causes and companies.  When hosting an awards ceremony the event designer should provide a few essential items to help making the planning and production of the event a smooth one:

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1 – Special Events Producer – it’s essential to hire an experienced Special Events Producer to ensure the planning and day of production runs smoothly as well as that your guests and performers are taken care of. You can’t have the decorator producing your event. It can’t be done by someone without experience. You don’t want them to practice on your event.


2 – Opening and Closing Acts – it is critical to create vibrant opening and closing acts to awe and wow your guests. Please reference our Opening and Closing Acts Article. The opening and closing acts are bookends for your program, which should be hosted by someone personable, friendly, and fast.


3 – Venue – an phenomenal venue is necessary to host the awards so to ensure the location itself will have a draw for your event. When looking for a venue you will want to ask questions not just relating to your needs, but also consider your guest experience every step of the way. Will they have to wait in the hot sun? Is Valet parking a mess? Are there areas for water stations? There are a hundred questions to consider when selecting a venue, and your event planner should be prepared to find the answer to all of them.


4 – Swag Bags – providing gift bags for your guests to take with them is a great tangible way to remind them of your event. It’s also a chance to be fun and creative. A pharmacist couple included a pill bottle filled with candy, and the prescription label contained the wedding date and details. Small touches like this is the icing on the cake for your guest experience, and leaves them with something they can smile about even after the event has ended.


5 – Honorees & Celebrities – Hiring celebrities brings with it several considerations, including security for the celebrities, a green-room, and other necessities they are often used to. Having celebrities will bring more clout to your awards ceremony, and also provide leverage for large sponsorships.  Celebrities are often a critical part of larger scale events and you must make sure your event planner has extensive experience and knowledge on how to properly handle VIP’s when hosting Awards Ceremonies and Galas.



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