Custom Bars Insights: Design

A top shelf bar and delicious food are the life of any event.  Many venues will offer you various options on how to serve alcohol to your guests.  Let’s begin with the non-alcoholic beverages; it’s important to consider having these included with your venue package so that those little guests as well as those who don’t drink are well taken care of.  Now let’s talk drinks!  When considering the type of bar you would like to have at your event consider the type of event and the type of drinkers you will be having.  Venues will offer a flat per person rate that covers the bar level you choose, which will outline the types of alcohol, mixers and soft drinks as well as the cost per those drinks, wine, shots and cocktails.  A flat per guest rate is a great option if your event will have guests that will consume large amounts of alcohol usually over a four to five hour period of time.  Another option is place a bar tab where a decided amount is placed on the bar and once that bar tab is reached, it can be a decision made by the host to increase the limit or go to cash bar.  Once again depending on the type of event you might be having and type of consumers this is a great option as well.  It’s always great to way the financial costs  out with your coordinator so that you are making the best decision for your event.  Also if you are having a corporate, or non-profit event, it could also be a great idea to provide drink vouchers to your guests upon registering so that at their leisurely they are able to drink through the evening.

Customized Bar Design

Specialty drinks and wine service are also other forms of bar that you could opt for.  Specialty drinks are a great touch at private engagements and weddings, especially when the bride and groom create their own drinks that could be served through a Martini Ice Luge or a custom bar.  At dinner it’s a great idea to have wine service so that guests can enjoy their dinner and wine without having to go to the bar.  Blue Lotus Insights can most definitely cater to you and your event’s specific bar needs and wishes!

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