Wedding Planning: Custom Designed Escort Cards

Custom Designed Escort Cards

An organized event always allows for a great guest’s experience.  Assigned table seating creates an easy flow when guests enter the reception ballroom.  Seating arrangements might be difficult to create by the host families, and seem like a tedious task that can be put off — but be assured your time and efforts will most definitely pay off when guests appreciate the ease of finding their table.  It’s not an easy task but it’s one of the most important for satisfying guest experience. There is nothing worse in terms of a guest feeling frustrated than discovering they don’t have a seat because Seating was not taken seriously.

Escort Card Insights

Seating cards are a great way to let your guest know where they are sitting as well as a great way for you to add details that bring forth your creativity, personality and event themes.  Many times seating cards are themselves small mementos that guests will take home with them.  (It’s always advised to have an overflow table just in case)

On the off chance that your guest count is very high then it is also a great option to beautifully frame your seating arrangements in a frame for you guests to look up their names.  This is a simple yet effective way to stay organized without having to create many many seating cards. 

Event Seating Cards

On the flip side if your guest count is low – then there are some great creative ideas to enchant your guests upon their arrival with personalized gifts. 

Some examples include a decorative box with sweets, a personalized note to each of the guests and book-marks with your logo. All of these which could be customized for your design and meet your needs with the help of a good Event Designer.

Ticket Booth Seating Cards

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