Event Planning Opening Acts & Great Closings

At an Arts and Entertainment event it’s essential to anchor your event, be it a charity gala, an awards ceremony and reception or even a film festival, by customizing a grand opening and closing act that will leave your celebrities, VIP guests and fans awed.  Opening acts are a great way to submerge your guests into the type of event you will be hosting.  Opening acts should be attention grabbing, awe-strucking and simply captivating so that your guests are intrigued to see what the event holds for them.  Opening Acts can range from customizes stage dance productions to audio visual complimented by a live comedian, performer or even the use of arcobats.  An opening act for the event should most definitely be created themeaticly to the needs and desires that would be specific to the event.  Just know that you want to wow your guests and leave them with anticipation of wanting more.

Acts for Entertaining

As your evening is coming to a close its as essential to produce a closing act that will knock them all out of their seats.  Opening acts are to grab your guest’s attention and closing acts are to blow them out of their seats.  A great closing always makes the evening a great one.  Leave your guests with a closing performance that makes them stand on their feet to give you a standing ovation.  A closing performance that is high in energy is always a great way to close your event so that your guests are left with great vibrations and energy as they leave your event.  It also is a great way for them to remember your event – full of vibrant lively entertainment, which everyone loves.  For any arts and entertainment event Blue Lotus Insights can create custom designed opening and closing acts to beautifully anchor your beginning and ending of your event.


Opening and closing acts come in various forms – performances – musical or dance – stand-up comic, films and many more options that Blue Lotus Insights can help you create.

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