Event Coordination: Venue Contracts

Once you’ve toured the perfect venue, then comes the details of the long tedious contract negotiations. Each venue is different, of course, when it comes to pricing and how much they are able to negotiate, but be sure of this: they will all negotiate. Just as many industries are hurting in this economy, so too are venues – to always be sure to review what they are offering for the price you will be paying and also be sure to compare similar levels of venues so that you know what the competitors are offering.

Venues most definitely will be willing to negotiate a better deal on a weekday, Friday and Sundays. They usually tend to be less flexible on a Saturday since it is the most preferred day of the week for an event; this doesn’t mean that they won’t make concessions but are likely to make less concessions.

Venues also will look at the visibility their property will get through the number of guests you will be bringing in. More numbers usually always translates into further savings. (A side note about guest counts – know that it is always advisable to guarantee a number that is usually 50 to 75 less than your guess count so that if you had less guests come you are not obliged to paying for them. Of course you are welcome to increase the numbers as you see that you might have more guests attending).

Another consideration to save a few dollars on your venue is alcohol, it’s usually advised to provide a fixed bar tab and then increase that as you fit (of course unless the hotel is giving you a great deal on a per person alcohol and soft drinks package). More often then not guest even out the number of drinks consumed so a bar tab tends to be a less expensive option.

Lastly, venues usually are more than willing to include the champagne toast and cake cutting fees as gratis so be sure to take advantage of it. Your event planner should know and help you with arranging all of these items, and should also be there to guide you with your Venue Contracts. As with all legal documents, your final contact should be reviewed by your counsel before signing.

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