Event Planner: Top Five Vendors to Secure

Top Five Vendors to Secure First for a Wedding:

Upon deciding to have an event, be it a corporate event, film festival or a wedding, the task at hand might feel daunting. So many creative new ideas, staying within the budget, needing to meet with various vendors and venues are all merely the tip of the iceberg. We hope that this article will make the process a little less daunting and a lot more fun! In our experience we find that tackling your most important top five vendors will put you at ease significantly and get the ball rolling and the creative juices flowing. We have listed below the top five in order of importance to book and the reasons why. The case below, we are talking primarily about weddings (and #2 ideally happens before #1).

1 – Venue: It is essential to begin your search for venues and narrow a list of top 5 as soon as you are aware your event will be happening. Venues very quickly get booked and you want to be able to have your choice open to many options. A venue (as we had posted earlier in our Venue article) also sets the foundation of the type of event you will having. It’s a great way to build upon a strong foundation.

2 – Event Designer and Planner: Deciding on hiring an event designer and planner is an essential part to keeping you stress free, timely and organized. Hiring an event planner is close to the first spot as the venue. Event designers and planners through their experience have amassed a large amount of knowledge about all aspects of an event; so if you hire one close to or prior to deciding on a venue, they will be able to help you decipher the contracts for a venue and potentially get you more concessions all the while possibly negotiating a better price. Once the hard part of locking down a venue is over, the planner can then guide you to select the most suitable vendors according to your style, budget and needs. Event planners like those at Blue Lotus Insights truly can make the whole process a breeze.

3 – Design-Florist, Decorator, Lighting: As the venue sets the stage for your event, your florals, decor and lighting will add the additional creative personal character for your big day. Many times florists will also be able to great your decor in regards to specialty chairs and linens, mandups, hoopas, canopies and elaborate stage stet-ups for a reception. Floral and decor are enhanced by beautiful lighting design which usually is the first form of decor your guests will experience. Work closely with your coordinator and decorator to ensure their a harmony and beautiful balance between all the decor elements. Most florists and decorators tend to take only one event a day (as they should) so if you have someone you highly prefer begin the conversation!

4 – Caterer: The one element of any event that the guests will forever remember is the food. As the host of the event it is essential that the appropriate caterer is secured for the various kinds of food that you would like to serve your guests in order to enhance your guest’s experience. Food, at times, might be your next most highest expense on the budget but it’s important not to find the less expensive option here. Delicious food always makes the guests feel as though they were taken care of. It’s important and imperative to do taste testings with your potential favorite caterers and also speak to previous clients who have used them. Your Event Planner can arrange all your tastings for you.

5 – Photographer: Memories that will last you a lifetime will be those beautiful photos that captured the most important day of your life. Photographers who have a great eye are highly in demand, therefore soon after you have booked your venue and secured your planner it’s essential to interview a few photographers to understand their style of photography and packages that they offer. Stunning images from your special day will be cherished and valued for your lifetime, so be sure to efficiently book the photographer of your choice right away. Your Event Planner should arrange to introduce you to the best in the area.

Once you have secured these five then you can relax a bit, and let the new vendors woo you with their samples and proposals. Always remember that if you have your Event Planner – she can be your middle-man to ensure all your needs are met without always paying a premium. An experienced and honest event planner will tell you when you are getting ripped off.

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