Event Planning: Catering Insights

Delicious food will be your guest’s focal point and your compliments for weeks to come. Guests always appreciate the experience of great food and a variety that will make their taste buds savor for more. It’s always a great idea to serve food from various ethnic backgrounds that tend to be popular with your guests demographic. You can also create live food stations that allow the guests can order to their specifications and taste as well as experience a chef cooking in front of them.

It’s also great to have various food stations that guests can experience an international flare at your event. And of course, along with food it’s always great to have custom created drinks that are alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well as ideas like a juice bar, mojito bar, martini bar or even a fresh lemonade stand. (Everyone loves lemonade).

Be sure to create thread that continues from cocktail to your main meal. Main courses could also be created with international flare with giving options to your guests to select from. Your Event Planner can help custom create the most ideal meal for your event. To intrigue to your taste pallate and get your taste senses savoring, we at Blue Lotus Insights have provided some fun unique options for your event:

Drinks – Create a custom Lassi (Indian Buttermilk Bar) with different savory flavors
Continue your theme with a welcome drink that could be Arnold Palmer at a
Golfing Event or on a hot summer day (you can create a twist with flavors for the
lemonade too!)

It’s always fun to have exotic juices that you could also create fresh smoothies with
that you could add alcohol for those who would prefer.

Meals – Create a live Sushi Station where fresh Sushi can be enjoyed by your guests.

A live pasta station is always fun for a warm exciting meal.

An Indian Flare is always a great touch since the flavors are so savory and
enjoyed by many.

As your guests will remember the evening through their happy taste buds, be sure to accommodate those of special dietary needs so that they don’t go home without having eaten. Full tummies with yummy food always makes for a great evening. (See Dietary Restrictions Article for more Details)

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