Event Planning: Dietary Restrictions

Dietary Restrictions are something every event planner should consider when creating the catering menu with the client. If your event planner does not ask you about dietary restrictions, be sure to find out about it for yourself. Here is a sample of dietary restrictions you should always consider, and some that are a little bit more challenging to accommodate for: a) Vegan b) Vegetarian c) No beef d) Kosher e) Halal f) Lactose Intolerance g) Gluten Intolerance e) Peanut Allergies.

When having an event for large number of guests its always great to consider food options for those who might have dietary restrictions. If your event is a sit down coursed meal then consider asking your guests through the RSVP process what their meal preference would be and if they have any particular allergens or dietary restrictions.

Many hosts might opt for the buffet style option sheerly because of the large guest count and if this is your preference of meal service then be sure to always have some vegetarian (non-egg and poultry based items, preferably an item that is also non-dairy based). We promise that your guests will feel as though you read their mind and went over and beyond to take care of their needs. Food is so central to every event, so as a host knowing that you have covered your guests needs will always ultimately earn you incredible praise.

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