Event Planning: Event Insurance

Event insurance as carried by the host/client is a great way to protect yourself from any potential liability that might and can occur at your event. Many venues will now require that the client provide proof of a Million Dollar Policy for their event so that in case of any emergency the client is covered. For the price of a few hundred dollars, it is always a great idea to protect your assets when hosting as large event that has a possibilities of occurrences. Blue Lotus Insights strongly recommends you carry Event Insurance on your event.

For a great way to see the options available to you, you should consult your event coordinator or the venue itself – since they will be most familiar with a process that can be expedited on your behalf.

Aside from the Million Dollar Policy to protect yourself, many of your chosen vendors will also be required to show proof of insurance to secure their ability to perform services. Vendors who have any type of physical labor involved, will all be required by all venues to produce a copy of their insurance (and often worker’s compensation) and many venues will also ask for ‘additional insured’ certificates with their venue name and address listed on the policy.

Have your coordinator check with the venue to find out their exact insurance needs and be sure to have the coordinator relay that information to your vendors (if they haven’t done so) as you begin the planning process. It always better to have protection against any potential liability involved on your special day.

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