Event Planning: Full Service Venues

Full service venues, such as hotels and golf courses, are great venues in which to have your events realized. Full service venues provide an incredible amount of support that otherwise would be your responsibility, even with the support of a dedicated event planning and design team. Venues like these are able to cater to the client’s every need (within reason).

Once you have thoroughly reviewed the contract with your event planner before you sign, full service venues will be at your assistance throughout the entire process. They will ideally be there not only for the logistical aspects, but they will also work intimately with your coordinator. They may also they have contacts with certain vendors that also might be of help to for your particular event.

When your event is held at a full-service venues, hotels included, they often include:

1. A wait staff that will ensure that the meeting spaces and ballrooms have been set-up to your specifications,

2. They provide the client with all the silverware, glassware and chinaware for the usage of their event,

3. They usually assist the caterer as the caterer might have special needs or requirements for items on the menu.

4. And most importantly, such venues are experienced at ensuring (along with your event planner) that the flow of the event is smooth and seamless.

When deciding on a venue, full service venues will most definitely eliminate many unknowns therefore ultimately making your planning and event say a much less stressful one.

Blue Lotus Insights’ experiences with various full-service venues has always been stress-free because venues will provide an enormous amount of support to our team to ensure that your event goes as envisioned – and we have a short hand with the venus. We are grateful for the several venue partnerships we have established over the years, and BLI is a preferred vendor at a number of prestigious southern california hotels.

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