Event Planning: Rentals

Insights on Rentals for Event Planning:

Many event spaces may require that the client provides all the rentals, wait staff and any other necessary event needs. Let your coordinator know that these requirements need to be meet so that there is ample amount of time to ensure all the needs of the venue and your event are met.

Let’s begin with rentals. Rentals at Blue Lotus Insights include everything from the smallest fork to the dance floor your guests will dance the night away on. It’s essential to have a general guest count in order to have an estimated costs of rentals that might include but not limited to:
dessert forks and spoons,
dessert plates,
tables of rounds,
rectangles or square tables,
chafing dishes,
serving spoons,
urns for coffee and tea,
picture / photo Frame stands,
and many more items.

Be sure to always order rentals of silverware, chinaware and glassware for an additional 25 to 45 people just so if there were additional guests or multiple usage you will be covered. Also when considering to place a dance floor consider the size of the party as well as that of the space. Should there be dancing at your event then be sure to provide a sizable comfortable dance floor.

Along with rentals you as a client can also provide wait staff, which is a great way to save some costs as well. Be sure to consult your coordinator on the type of wait staff and be sure the company you hire is bounded with insurance. Depending on the size of your event and the type of meal service (reference Dining Options article) the number of wait staff can easily be decided. It’s always great to hire a few extra just to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Lastly, when deciding to pick an event space that allows for you bring in all your rentals please be sure review the specific rule and regulations about caterers, trash and restroom usage as well as event insurance (as needed).

Your Event Designer and Planner should ensure that there are no unnecessary costs that arise after your event is over. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to call or email one of BLI’s Event Planners today.

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