Event Planning: Unique Event Spaces

Event spaces with architertual flare, history or simply just unique make for great venues for events of all kinds. Throughout many cities across the country, many older buildings have been retrofitted as event spaces and usually are empty canvases that you can customize your event. Many of these spaces usually will provide the venue space, but all the needs of the event are placed on the client and planner to produce. Many times this is preferred so that you can create an organic experience for your guests that is particularly designed for your event only.

Many unique event spaces like these will have particular regulations with candles, needing floor coverings, hiring their venue manager and security, jus to name a few; so be sure to throughly read the details so that you are aware of all the insurances needed and regulations that you will need to abide by. The great part of a space that’s an open canvas is that allows for you to create an unique experience for your guests that otherwise might not be possible at a full service venue.

Also with event spaces that you would rent empty, they usually allow for you to bring in all your rentals, staffing, bar and assistance, so long as insurance is provided for by the vendor. Many times this will allow you to save some money but most importantly you have the control to design from the guest’s silverware to the large structures that you might want to build in.

Just to ensure your event day is produced perfectly be sure to hire a Design and Planning company that has experience is producing events at venues like these as well as providing additional wait staff so that their are ample hands on deck when needed. Let your imagination and creativity go wild and leave the producing of these ideas to Blue Lotus Insights.

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