Event Design: Finding the Right Venue

A venue always sets the stage for the kind of event you are looking to have. A venue is the first element that your guest will hear about as well as see once you have set the date in motion. Venue’s character, elegance, and staff make all the difference when it comes to your event day. It is always great to consider the accessibility of the venue for the majority of your guests and should it be a considerable distance then be sure to accommodate your guests in other ways – for example provide a shuttle service, ensure welcome drinks and food is available upon their arrival, create a fun and comfortable environment.

It’s always great to have different areas in a venue that you can have access to so that you can create different settings for your guests. Various settings allows for guests to experience the venue as well as not feel as if they are seeing the same portion over over. If the weather permits an outdoor event is always great to give your guests fresh air and a new ambiance. Venues are usually the highest cost on the budget but know that by selecting a great venue will set the tone for your entire event.

Blue Lotus Event under Trees

When looking for a venue you will want to ask questions not just relating to your needs, but also consider your guest experience every step of the way. Will they have to wait in the hot sun? Is Valet parking a mess? Are there areas for water stations? There are a hundred questions to consider when selecting a venue, and your event planner should be prepared to find the answer to all of them for you before you pay your deposit.

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