Event Design: Insights on Centerpieces

For any event, after the moment the reception doors open and the guests are wowed by the entire scope of our production — the focal point of the room quickly becomes the beautiful adorned tables (as guests find their seats). Centerpieces make reception rooms come to life, and for event planners they can be a critical element to achieving the client’s vision for the evening. Centerpieces in weddings and special events provide an unique experience for the guests that otherwise would be bland without. Often, well-designed centerpieces give us insight into the character and personality traits of the newlyweds or client.

For weddings, receptions and lunches, the event coordinator should work with the client to ensure all centerpieces are crafted carefully to please the bride and groom’s aesthetic as well as complement the client’s specific theme and colors.

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Centerpieces can be as traditional and classic or as modern and unique as you wish – as long as it enhances the style of the event without clashing or contradicting with the overall look. It should be noted that for any event of any size and scope that has centerpieces as part of its decor – lighting is absolutely critical. Directed pin spots from above tables are highly recommended in order to properly highlight your painstakingly created centerpieces.

Most event centerpieces are created by florals of all different kinds from all around the world to achieve looks of classic, modern, simple & elegant, and many more. Centerpieces can be paired with candles or the entire piece can be of candles with accents of flowers. Some might opt for items other than florals such as branches, stones, water, marble and a variety of plants – all of which also can be created to look as stunning as replacements to floral pieces.

When it comes time to create your centerpieces, discuss a few items with your event planner:

1 – Have a theme in mind so that is flows consistently throughout your event, make sure your event coordinator understands.

2 – Consider a color palette to stay within so that their is a consistent thread through the evening. Staying within palette is always a great start if you don’t know where else to begin.

3 – Samples are a great way to see a design on paper come alive, a florist will provide a
sample upon signing with them, so be sure to discuss samples.

4 – Heights of centerpieces should be thought about and carefully considered, since you don’t want the
centerpiece to interfere with your guests experience with their friends. This happens in more events than I care to mention, so it is always recommended you practice your set-up with your event planner.

5 – Texture in centerpieces is always a good idea so to break-up the monotony of one single
type of flower; examples are adding hanging candles, different textured florals, or even
small and large pieces.

If you have questions or ideas you would like to discuss with Blue Lotus Insights, please give us a call or email us anytime.

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