Wedding Planning: DIY Centerpieces Insights

Everyone is most definitely feeling the effects of the economy nowadays. Do it yourself pieces become more and more attractive since it helps save a considerable amount of money. What I would recommend to do, is make the smaller items with the help of your friends and family but leave the larger more prominent pieces for the professionals. When is comes to centerpieces the instinct is that it’s less expensive to make at home, which might be true fact, but do consider some of the following points.

1 – Transport: We take for granted how flowers and their final products are ever so easily brought to the venue. Well it takes a considerable amount of logistics to ensure that all the centerpieces arrive safely to their destination. Once transported they have to offloaded with a team as well as then re-adjusted, sometimes with fresh new flowers, so final centerpiece product is not compromised.

2 – Keeping Flowers Alive: From the moment they are purchased to the end of the evening that they will be enjoyed, it is imperative to keep your flowers alive. Usually florists will have this part down to a science since they own large refrigerators and have the extensive knowledge of how much water certain flowers need.

3 – Unneeded Stress: When deciding to make centerpieces at home an undue amount of stress results because the smallest elements, like ribbons, attaching those ribbons, water or rocks, all have to attended to. Usually we have found that once you have bought all the pieces – vases, ribbons, florals or non-living elements like twigs, rocks, etc – you final amount spent will be close to the amount you would of spent with a florist but you will have committed your countless hours to it.

This may not be the kind of DIY article you were looking for, but this is a reality we have seen time and time again as event planners, and so we share it here as an Insight to consider when creating your own centerpieces. Or, you can enjoy a stress-free planning process by contributing smaller items for centerpieces – and handing over the big items to the professionals.

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