Design: Lounge Seating

Texture through fabrics and stylish furniture will add character to your event. Utilizing your space to create separate and unique seating areas makes a for a great way to add a tremendous amount of ambiance to your space. Guests will appreciate the different themed areas that can carry their own lighting set-up and theme.

When deciding on furniture remember to consider you theme and color. If your space might be large one then use the various areas to create smaller seatings and other areas to have larger seatings so that couples or large groups can enjoy their time and find their comfort zones.

It’s also great to have beautifully textured furniture to use as your ‘statement pieces’ to really wow your guests. Your guests will always appreciate comfortable seating near food and bar areas too – so that they can have some place to enjoy their drinks and food right after they get it.

Blue Lotus Insights would like to give you a few ideas to inspire unique seating area, as this is one of our favorite tools.

All white seating areas are always a great since white picks-up any light. This means through-out the evening you can create different moods through your lighting and its reflection off your furniture.

A vintage hollywood theme with mirrored coffee tables and side tables with seating and couches of rich velvety fabrics can also become a ‘cinema lounge’ at your Film Wrap party or a Film Festival.

A low, intricately craved wood seating with rich silk cushions can create a royal South Asian theme that could be combined with benches and beautiful tables to create an Indian themed lounge seating arrangement. Your event planner should have several ideas on how to make Lounge seating work for your next event, regardless of culture, style or ethnicity.


Another seating area to consider are for those little guests that might be attending your event. It’s always a great idea to create a small area with comfortable blankets, rocking chairs and little kids furniture complimented by non color games like books, blocks and stuffed animals. Your “kid’s corner” will be the hit for the parents and kids, and it shows that you care.

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