Event Planning: DJ & Music

Dancing the night away is always fun for everyone! A DJ is essential to the planning process and you most definitely want to choose wisely because not only will he be playing the music that you like and makes everyone get on that dance floor — but he/she will also being your MC and announcer to move the evening along seamlessly.

When looking for the right DJ, you want to, first and foremost, look for a great sense of personality since he will be on the mic to get people seated, move your program along, as well as get them excited about each new speech, presentation, or portion of your event. Personality is key.

The second most important thing is to be sure they know and can access ALL types of music, and are able to have music accessible and prevalent throughout your event. Often there may be more than just one space you would like music playing, and discuss before-hand with your event planner where you would like music so that she can arrange it properly with your DJ.

You want to have the opportunity for your guests to request music that they would enjoy dancing too, of course with a set parameters. The DJ will look to you first and foremost for a playlist of songs you definitely want to hear during your event.

As music sets the mood for various parts of your evening, be sure to discuss with your DJ the type of music you want during the numerous parts of your events. This doesn’t always mean playing songs to their end, you can also play portions/parts of songs that you really like. A good DJ will be adept at mixing the music on the fly – bringing it down for speeches and the like – and filling in dead spaces with tunes so that silence doesn’t make everyone uncomfortable if they are waiting on something. A Good DJ will constantly be engaging the audience. If they are not, your event planner should be making sure he/she accomplishes their job to your satisfaction. Most DJ’s get it – a few can be more difficult to work with, but always follow your gut when it comes to DJ’s. Like your Event Planner, you have to love your DJ – it’s always a personality thing.

A good DJ’s is a great way to enjoy the evening with a variety of music from all around the world.

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