Event Consultation: Demands of Vendors

When deciding to have a special event, corporate event, convention or even a wedding be very aware of vendors that over-request particular needs and have ‘above-and-beyond’ demands. There are a lot of Divas in the wedding industry, and often they forget they are actually working for you (and not the other way around).

It’s important to voice the needs of your event to your vendors from the start (or have an idea on what you want) rather than vendors imposing upon you their detailed and particular ways. Often if that happens, they will demand a certain timing, or a detail that would otherwise change the experience of your event. These are red-flags and should be heeded as such.

Your Event Planner should come prepared with you to outline what you are looking for from the Vendor first, and then understand the Vendor’s needs to make that happen next. As the host of the event you have the right to state your parameters and choose only those vendors that are able and willing to work within the parameters. You are allowed to be firm, as chances are – they are not the only vendor that can do high quality work and you can find someone more amenable if they are being problematic.

Of course, the best vendors listen first anyway — so that afterwards they might express things you would not have otherwise thought of. If a vendor makes a suggestion that you are ok with and is to your liking – then by all means change the plan to accommodate. Don’t be so rigid with what you want that you set yourself up for problems the Vendor is warning you about.

On the unlikely chance that a vendor, at your first meeting, states parameters they will only work in – don’t be shy to state your vision and opinions as well. See how they react to what it is you want. They should be flexible and understanding and they should above all listen to you.

Blue Lotus Insights will always be on your side while conveying to the vendors how you would like the event to look, run and feel. Because over demanding vendors (and guests for that matter) can place undue stress on the host and event – we just want to ensure your event is produced how you have envisioned it.

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