Event Consultation: Event Day is Here!

After months of consultation and planning, after several discussions, a lot of collaboration, and fine tuning the details, your event day has arrived!

Day of Execution is the key to your successful event and guest experience. Did you and your consultant prepare everything to hand over to your planner? Your event planner must be a person who is cool under pressure and is able to execute the event day without any glitches becoming apparent to the host or the guests.

There are always problems on the day, the best event planners are able to solve the problems even before anyone knows anything is wrong.

The keys to this type of perfected execution are the detailed timeline, walk throughs of many potential scenarios, and always arriving armed with back-up plans for everything. “Contingencies” we like to call them at Blue Lotus Insights.

You want to be sure that you are their enjoying every part of your event and not wrapped up in the details if you were to hit a snag.

Remember that you have hired a consultant to plan the entire event, and a planner to work with your venue and your vendors to assist them to complete everything is a timely and orderly fashion on the event day itself. So don’t be stressed, this is what we are here for.

A detailed meeting about how the day will pan out, with attention paid to a meticulous made timeline – will always prove to be an excellent idea for all your vendors and family members.

It is important for those that are involved to see how the day will run. Event day is sreserved for hosting your guests and enjoying the details, let the planners take care of the rest and think on their feet to make your day successful!

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