Event Consultation: Personalized Event Websites

Event Websites are a great idea, especially in the online world that we all live in. An Event Website, whether it be additional pages on your non-profit or company site or your own personal wedding site, provides a wealth of information for your guests to access without having to always contact the host.

Providing your guests information about the venue, their parking, the venue’s room rates or other hotels around the around for them to stay at if need be is always appreciated. Many times a discount has been created for your event that you can post for flights, hotels, restaurants, which all your guests will be sure to take advantage of.

Detailed information about the event – time, speakers, events, spaces – is also a great addition so that guests are aware of the events they are coming to – as well as the times they should be there.

Essential information about venue requirements like ID’s and weather is also great so that guests come prepared for your event.

It’s also a great idea to highlight speakers, vendors, sponsors through the website so that you can offer them potential interest and revenue from your attendees.

Lastly, RSVP a great tool to have linked to your site. Secured through a password protection, it is a way for the guests to respond to event and even purchase tickets if applicable.

By providing a wealth of information through the website, your attendees and guests are bound to constantly refer to your website as their source of information to others too. When the event is over, you also have a home for all the photo and video that people will want to share with each other on social media.

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