Event Consultation: The Importance of Communication

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, be it personal or professional. The key to keeping everything in order for your big event is to be sure to always communicate your needs, desires and any changes to these to your coordinator and family as soon as they happen. Often even a small change may have a ripple effect, and everyone needs to be on the same page. This will ensure few surprises on a event day where executing seamlessly and flawlessly is the goal. For example, you may discover that the hotel venue promised you would have the ballroom starting at Noon, but come to learn they won’t be done clearing out their set-up until 3pm (with your reception starting at 6pm). This will affect all of your vendors top to bottom, and may require you to bring in additional help – even though it seems like a small change. Something like this would need to be communicated to your event planner immediately so that everyone can make arrangements and make it work.

Your Event Planner should be first in line always to know any potential changes or issues that might arise, they can help you rearrange/problem solve. It is always nice for you as the client to have a good planner that will assimilate the changes, find the best options, then communicate these to the respective vendors and venue.

Also to it’s imperative to have your planner be the point of contact for your vendors and venue so that there is very little chance of crossing the lines. It’s what you hired your planner for, so let them pick up the phone and do the arranging for you!

If it is essential information that could affect the conditions of your contract or potentially change the price of your vendor, you should always request and provide the change in a written form either through email, amendment to the initial contract, or additional letter. This is the ensure your needs have been communicated in a clear fashion. Sometimes the management may change at a hotel venue between your booking date and your event date. Documents like this come in handy to ensure the new management understands all the deals/discounts you and your event planner have secured together.

For any event, it’s the details make the event – and we as event planners want to ensure that no detail is overlooked — by placing Communication as a priority for all our Clients. At Blue Lotus Insights, we take communication to a whole new level, with several security style walkie talkies for all our staff. This way our entire team is in literally constant communication. If there is an issue anywhere, one of our staff can address it with the whole team in communication on solving it.

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