Event Consultation: Unanticipated Costs

When planning the biggest day of your life, a corporate event, or any special occasion for that matter – managing your budget and costs usually ranks the highest on everyone’s list of concern.

Blue Lotus Insights wants to give you a few unanticipated costs that you might not have accounted for but do exist, and creep up from time to time.

1. The one that ranks the top on our list – is tips to your vendors. As you experience your beautiful day unfolding and you see the vendors who have put their heart and soul into making this your perfect day, it’s always nice to reward them with a tip. Tips can be given at your discretion to those you would like – but be sure to include that as part of your budget. (A tip to a vendor could be anywhere from 10 to 20 % of that vendors contracted amount).

2. Another cost, that you should negotiate with your venue to include as part of your contract, is the cake cutting and champagne toast. Most venues will include these two as additional costs so be aware that you are not charged.

3. Also when signing your venues and vendor’s contracts be sure to note the taxes that are placed on top of the package you will have purchased; there is no getting around taxes.

4. When deciding on the beautiful invite to send your guests, always remember that a postage applies, so be sure to ask how much postage your invite might be. Postage can add up to a couple hundred dollars.

5. If the Venue is not a full service venue, be sure to find out exactly what is included. You might be surprised to learn that the venue may provide absolutely nothing but the physical space itself, and you will need everything from cutlery to water stations.

6. Lastly, be sure to understand exactly how the parking will work – is it per car, per person, etc? Some venues have strange rules around parking so be sure to ask. Parking always seems to come back to haunt client’s if it hasn’t been considered from the beginning, and included explicitly in the contract.

Although there are more, these are a few unanticipated costs should be accounted for you in your detailed budget — so that their are no surprises. Blue Lotus Insights would be happy to share more with you in a Consultation!

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