Event Coordination: Managing RSVP’s

Managing RSVP’s and table arrangements can prove to be the most stressful part of the planning process for the host of any event. The stress of making sure that all your invited guests have rsvp’d and then later to place them on tables so that they prove to be the best arrangement — can easily cause undue tension and stress (and many arguments).

Below are a few tips to make the process a more smooth one, but ideally your event planner guides you through this process to ensure you have help you when you get to this stage of your event. If your event planner isn’t asking you about your RSVP’s, chances are, you will run out of time and have problems on the day – unless you are prepared:

First, always have your rsvp date about 6 weeks (or closer depending on the type of event) from your event so that it gives you some time to still invite others if many have declined the invitation.

Second, as soon as RSVP’s begin to come in it’s best to be organized by placing names on a excel sheet so that you can easily access who has said yes, what their meal preference would be as well as begin your prelim seating arrangements.

Next, once your RSVP date has come then it’s essential to begin locking down table arrangements so that 3 weeks out of your event you have completed the seating arrangements and now only have to worry about any last minute changes (which will happen so just be prepared!).

A last note: print your seating cards or seating arrangements about 2 weeks out and add or subtract your changes. Make sure everything corresponds with your seating diagrams, and that everyone that is coming has a seat at the right table.

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