Event Coordination: Organization of Table Arrangements

An overwhelming part of planning an event could be the table arrangements for your Gala, Charity Dinner, Fundraiser or Wedding. Table arrangements are crucial to making the event feel more formal and definitely more organized. A lot of preparation and coordination should be considered when deciding to do table arrangements. Blue Lotus Insights has created this series of articles to make the process painless and smooth. Please also reference Seating Cards, Table Arrangements and Tables and Number of Chairs articles for more.

When beginning to do your table arrangements its important to have your RSVP’s organized properly into an Excel or Numbers document by name the events the guest is attending, their meal preference or any dietary restrictions and lastly if they have a guest that won’t be needing a separate seating card.

It’s also a great idea to then create another sheet on your Excel or Number documents where you can make your table groupings. Blue Lotus Insights recommends designing them with your table number or name as the heading of each box of 12 seats. Of course a table can have less seats but it’s great to start with at least 10 to 12 seats.

As you begin to drop names into each box with the table number you can then also place any particular needs or restrictions. Make sure you cross reference your table arrangements with your RSVP list to make sure you have accounted for all your guests.

We hope this makes the process a lot more easier. Blue Lotus Insights can create a custom table arrangement process for your specific event to make the process more smooth. More articles on this part of the planning process are to come.

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