Event Coordination: “Soft Holds” and “Bookings”

When planning an event there are many details, vendors and options that you have to sort through and keep in your mind – while not always knowing if that particular venue or vendor is your perfect fit just yet. The problem is that if you don’t book them, by the time you’ve done your research, explored other bids and proposals, and have decided to book them — they are unavailable.

To bridge the gap, you should always be honest with your vendors and tell them you can place them (or a potential venue) on a ‘soft hold.’ This allows you a little more time (which might range from 72 hours to 2 weeks) to make the decision – but it will give the Vendor an indication that you are interested, and want to know if any other party contacts them for the same time.

By placing your name on a soft hold it places you first in line for that particular venue or vendor and date, which ultimately gives you the time that you might have needed to completely your research to your satisfaction.

Any good Event Planner will do this for you with clear indication you are interested – and likewise it is just as important to contact the vendor and venue to make them aware of your decision as soon as you have one (so that they can book you or release the date for other potential clients).

The Event Planners at Blue Lotus Insights can most definitely assist you in booking your most ideal vendors and venues in a timely manner, and can give you insight into who to place right away on a ‘soft-hold’.

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