Event Coordination: Table Seating and Arrangements

When planning your event be it a Gala, Charity Dinner, Fundraiser or Wedding, table arrangements with specified seating is always a great idea.

Table seatings are best created once a final diagram of the venue is created. (Please refer to Event Space Diagrams Article) To stay ahead of the game, if you are aware that a set number of guests are a definitive ‘yes’ then it’s a great idea to begin your table arrangements with those guests and soon follow with the RSVP’s that begin to come in.

Even grouping your guests in general groups will help lighten the stress that table arrangements may cause. Use your diagram to guide you so that you know where to place your guests appropriately throughout the venue. Once all the RSVP’s have arrived and all the groupings have been made, it’s time to finalize the exact arrangement so that you can make your seating cards. (Reference Seating Cards Article)

When planning to do table arrangements for large parties it is always advisable to work in a group so that you have optimized the best table arrangements. (Reference Table Sizes and Number of Chairs Articles)

Of course if your event is selling tables then be sure to set aside the best seats in the house for those VIP paying guests — so that they are taken care of. Other guests can then be arranged by your criteria throughout the space you have created too.

To make the process easier also it’s great to use Microsoft’s Excel or Apple’s Numbers to create final seating lists so that you can visually see who has yet to be placed and what tables have open seating. (Reference Organization of Table Arrangements in Exel or Numbers Article)

Lastly, it’s a great idea always to have an extra open table on the off chance that you have additional guests arrive or additional tickets are sold.

If the table remains empty then let your vendors use the table for their meals. Once the table arrangements are complete, we at Blue Lotus Insights promise the hardest part of the seating process will be behind you!

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