Event Coordination: Table Sizes and Number of Chairs

When deciding the type of seating you would like to have for your guests it is essential to know about your table sizes and the number of chairs these tables can accommodate.

Many venues have various types of tables that they can offer for your event as well as different number of chairs per table. (If you are at a venue that allows you to bring in rentals then you are able to arrange in squares, rectangle and large to small circles. Please see Hotels vs Venue Articles)

Generally full service hotels will carry rounds of 24, 36, 48, 60 or 66 and 72 inches; if your event size is large then Blue Lotus Insights advises you to maximize your 72 inch tables so that more of your family and close friends can sit closer to the dance floor (or where all the entertainment will be happening).

If you are having a smaller event then we recommend to maximize the space with the appropriate size tables that your venue will allow to accommodate. We’ve compiled below this list that you will find useful as a general guide to the number of chairs to the table size (in order to help you decide your table arrangements and seating):

Table Sizes and Number of chairs

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