Event Coordination: Vendor Payments

When it comes to managing your budget, your deposits, and your final payments for your event, it is absolutely essential to review your contracts carefully when signing over checks — but also to have your event planner review everything to ensure all your details are taken care of for the price negotiated. Your event planner is there to help make sure you are getting the right deals – and on the day, you can have confidence with your Event Planner by your side.

Often a good Event Planner can get the hotel/venue to throw in some items for free or at cost you discover something is excluded in the weeks leading up to the wedding. If you have already made vendor payments before your Event Planner comes aboard, be sure to communicate those to her and keep track of your payments on a spreadsheet if possible.

With every contract comes payments that need to be made on particular dates — in the case of events there have to be several checks ready-to-go on the event day itself. Paying while the event is still happening is usually never anyone’s favorite part – but this is why you hired someone to help you. Your Event Planner will arrange with you to issue all your checks in advance for your vendors, and can issue them on the day so you don’t have to think about it.

Letting your event planner manage your payments with the vendors makes the process more streamlined and easier, and when there is so much going on during the event day – you will appreciate having more time with your colleagues, guests and family – instead of sitting in a back-room cutting checks while everyone is enjoying the evening.

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