Event Design: Desert Bar

What better way to woo your guests than a fantastic display of sweets! Who can resist? Every guest will leave your event on a delectable high (and not just from all that sugar).

Beautifully arranged Desserts are always great to compliment the delicious meal that your guest have been served. Desserts Displays come all different flavors, textures, cultures and designs – the can be as standard as slices of cut cake, or a personalized as you wish.

Desserts (not just the wedding cake) are also considered an aspect of your look/decor – and if presented with care and creativity – a beautiful desert display is the one item that always make guests realize the true amount of effort (and level of detail) you have put into your event. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – just thoughtful. Your event planner is there to flood you with tasteful (literally) suggestions, so be sure to start talking about your favorite desserts with her early.

Desserts could also be served family style so that guests don’t have to wait in a line, and in this case they can get a sampler of the various kinds of desserts for the evening.

You can also compliment the sampler with additional large dessert and fruit displays for guests to have seconds (or try something new). Often guests with sugar issues appreciate the fruit – and it is always the first to go.

Some other unique and fun ideas for the dessert hour are setting up corner ‘candy stations’ that always get both adults and kids excited. here you can include your favorites from when you are were a kid – be it skittles or mini-kit-kat cars.

A chocolate fountain with unique dippings, mini-pastries and cupcakes – are just a few of the many starting points to creating unique and custom ideas with your event planner and Pastry Chef. Lastly, sweets are a perfect way to close/end your event, especially since they can also be one of the party favors for the event.

Blue Lotus Insights can create something special for your dessert bar at your next event, and we have many preferred vendors that can execute fabulous personalized displays.

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