Event Planners and Designers: Why?

Ok, so why do I need to hire an Event Planner, Designer and/or coordinator? There are so many reasons why there is value in having this member of your team execute your vision, that it is hard to sum up in one idea – aside from ‘the happiness factor’. They exist to make your planning process and event day a wonderful experience, with as little pain as possible while keeping in mind your budget. Many events come along once a lifetime, some are celebrations of milestones, and others are annual gatherings to further a cause – but for all these types of events a planner and designer not only assists in creating a well-envisioned event but also come through in execution on the event deay itself.

As you decide on a planner you might want to consider some important things. We will add to this list from time to time as there are countless reasons to hire a event planner – but here are some thoughts to begin the dialogue:

1. Be sure to pick a planner that is willing and wanting to provide their time to you and the needs of your event. Decorators are not wedding planners, it is difficult to do both without a dedicated team. Something will suffer on the day. Most Decorators get consumed with their job (especially as decor is not a small task) — and then on the event day the broad picture suffers and the event does not go as smoothly as it can. It’s good to separate the roles of Event Planner and Decorator.

2. Unless you are using our consulting service, it’s always nice to have a planner on your side that is local and have a restricted number of meetings, calls and emails. Its great to know that you always have someone supporting you through the process as you need the help and also know that many things are being handled for you without you having to work on them.

3. It’s important to hire a planner who has a design sense so that you always refer to them for design ideas and questions based on their experience as well as their ability. Your planner will be with you the whole time so it’s important to know that they are able to understand your style.

4. A good Event Design and Event Planner will more than make up for their rate through saving you money on your vendors. Not only will the negotiate better deals for you, but they can get you discounts on many aspects of designing your event. A good Event Planner is well-connected and can give you several preferred vendors for any area you are considering.

5. Last not least, you want to hire an events company that has reliable friendly staff that you will enjoy working with you on your event. You want references, you want to read testimonials, you want to see what kind of press your event company is getting.

6. When an event has over 150 guests or attendees, it is essential to have to a whole team of planners on event day so that it is guaranteed to be a successful, timely and well organized. Event days have multiple layers so it’s always great to know that every detail is covered by a whole events team and not just one person. Find and events company like Blue Lotus Insights, that comes with a professional staff that will help you realize your vision.

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