Event Planning and Coordination: Galas

Galas are a great way to entertain your guests through a formal or informal event that is sure to impress. Galas come in all shapes and sizes. Formal charity galas can encompass a seated three course meal, a silent or live auction and of course entertainment that is designed to wow.

Galas can also be little less formal by having an evening event that follows the main event, such as a film or a museum opening. An evening Gala that follows a performance is always a great way to celebrate your main event as guests enjoy delicious food, entertainment, and music.

When hosting a gala here are a three things to make the planning process easier.

1 – Venue – it’s essential to have a great venue that either can be made to look great or is already stunning. Provide transportation if the Gala is an event after the main event and the venue for the Gala is not within walking distance.

2 – Flow of Traffic – be sure to map out in your venue the movement of people throughout so that you can ensure no bottle necking occurs.

3 – RSVP’s – an organized RSVP list will prove to be a great assist when your guests arrive.

When hosting a Gala the logistics make the event flow smoothly but the experience of the event ensures your guests will return for future events — so guest satisfaction is paramount in Galas. It’s always great to have your guests in a great mood to help raise more funds.

Blue Lotus Insights provides you with three essential things you need to consider for a great Gala event:

1 – Food & Drinks – Regale your guests with incredible food and delicious drinks. Consider various food services depending on the type of Gala you will be having. (Please reference our Dining Options Article)

2 – Entertainment – Create and evening of entertainment based on your Gala’s specific needs – and be sure to always consider how you can engage your guests throughout the evening. A good Event Planner can help guide your program from the beginning. Great music is always fun, but there often needs to be more that that in terms of ‘entertainment’ for the evening.

3 – Swag Bags – Creating a swag bag is an excellent way for your guests to end your evening with tangible gifts that they will remember your gala event by. Blue Lotus Insights has several concepts for Gifts in Swag Bags, and offers this as an add-on service for our corporate event packages.

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