Event Planning and Design: Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are always pleasing for the guests and look beautiful. If the weather where you live permits outdoor events then most definitely take advantage of it. Even if you decide to just have cocktails and tray pass appetizers outside, and the rest indoors – your guests will enjoy the fresh air, especially with ambient lighting and music to set the mood.

Naturally, you should always think of your guests and their comfort when it comes to an outside event. If the weather is scheduled to be hot then be sure to provide a tent, parasols, or fans so that they are not discomforted. In the case of hot weather be sure to always have water, cold drinks and ice cream (which is always a nice touch) available.

If the weather is forecasted as a bit chilly then let your guests know ahead of time to bring warmer jackets and shawls to ensure they have cover. If your event is too cold it will clear out before the party can even get started. We also ALWAYS recommend heaters except in the dead of summer — as even southern california evenings can get chilly in the autumn and spring. Pit fires (which also adds to the ambiance) are a great alternate provided the venue allows for is/can accommodate – and of course warm tea, coffee or even tasty soup will warm up anyone on a chilly day and make you forget about the cold.

Events in an outdoor setting always adds more character to the event and provides a great way to move your guests from an indoor walled space to an open air space seamlessly. The experience will be sure to please, but just be sure to have your Event Planner check the weather well in advance in order to guide you to create the perfect outdoor set-up for your guests.

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