Event Planning: Celebrity Talent

Talent of any kind should always be taken care of with the utmost respect, and when it comes to Celebrities there are additional steps that need to be taken to ensure their experience is also comfortable for them.

At Blue Lotus Insights, through Neha Shah’s continued work with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, AMEC, and events at the Sundance Film festival have great insight on how to take care of the needs of your talent (whether they be CEO’s, actors, dancers, musicians or VIP’s).

We understand the delicate balance of ensuring their needs are met, because they bring publicity and notoriety to your Film Festival or Corporate event. Talent is also essential to lock in other attendees and honored guests that you would like to have at your event.

It is always a great gesture to provide talent with VIP gift bags with gift items that are exclusively created / personalized — with donations provided by vendors and companies that would further give your organization more publicity. Celebrity Talent is a great way to make your event rise above and beyond the ordinary. (See “Awards Ceremonies & Celebrities” article for more information).

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