Event Planning: Conventions

Many industries and non-profits around the world host conventions to reveal new ideas, technologies or simply to promote or advance their goals as an organization and non-profit. Blue Lotus Insights extensive experience and knowledge in hosting conventions that will allow your organization to make a large convention more manageable.

When deciding to host a convention, it’s essential to outsource the production team to a reliable, proven events company that can provide you with the support the convention will need. Hosting a convention has layers upon layers of moving elements. Everything from the location down to guest transportation, hospitality areas and rooms at the hotels must be considered.

A great tool to cover all the areas is to divide the team you have available into departments where their strong-suits best apply – and allow your events company to head the entire team. Conventions will also require the strong support form an army of volunteers in order to carry out the physical work – so that the client/organization oversee instead of getting bogged down with the minutia.

Conventions over multiple days should also set-up appropriate discounts with airlines, hotels and restaurants for the guests to partake in. Conventions bring in a lot of money, and therefore the discounts should be deeper in all areas — though this isn’t always the case.

Most importantly, for any convention – it is essential to create a strong and entertaining agenda of events throughout the convention. This can be accomplished through a speaker series, fun panels, networking opportunities, nightly events, social media and more. Social Media is essential to utilize not just for guest networking – but also as a record of the event itself for future promotions.

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