Event Planning: Photographers

Memories from your day, be it an Industry event, Corporate Meeting or a wedding will live on for future marketing or sentimental reasons through photos and videos. Choosing a photographer to capture your event is a key element to ensuring the moments from your events are captured in the most appropriate and efficient manner possible.

When choosing a photographer you want to be sure, above all else, that they fit your personality and sensibilities. Many photographers have various styles and mannerisms and you want to be sure that the one you choose is agreeable to the type of photographer you would like to have at your event. They will be with you the entire day.

Also it’s imperative to see the type of work the photographer has done in the past and what his or her style is – candids, staged, moving shots, etc – so that you are aware of the types of photos you would be receiving.

Another element to consider is the post production process with color correcting photos. Does the photographer correct/style the photos she/he has taken? For many photos, this is where the true skill and artistry of the photographer comes to play.

You also want to be sure that you are able to receive all photos taken (not just selects or proofs). You can request this as high resolution files for your records, and it should be provided to you at no cost. Digital files are easy to copy, they shouldn’t charge beyond the time it takes to copy all the media.

Lastly, know that photographers vary in prices and experience, so it’s important to speak to references and also have a set budget in mind. But as is the case with cinematographers, you often get what you pay for in terms of photography professionals. Blue Lotus Insights can recommend several top of the line photographers we’ve worked with over the years that are proven.

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