Event Planning Timelines: Insights into timing out your day

The Timeline is the bible for the event day. Contained on the timeline is virtually all the information gathered during the planning phases laid out in great detail. It’s your blue-print for the event, and a good Event Planner creates one for every vendor and every member of their staff so everyone is always on the same page. Literally.

When planning an event it is always important to remember two important elements: your timeline and staying organized. It is essential that all creative and logistical elements of an event have been set into your timeline as early as possible so that the last two weeks are left for potential trouble-shooting. When creating your timeline it’s essential to manage it on a monthly level in the beginning, but then move to planning elements six weeks out of a event. A great rule of thumb is to always aim to have all vendors, their contracts and final details all arranged at least 4-6 weeks month prior to the event. This will allow you and your coordinator to fine tune the details with the venue and vendors.

Through the process of creating your timeline it is essential that you and the coordinator stay organized through the various forms of tools available, be it google docs online or passing a word document or spreadsheet back and forth. The planning process for you as well as the execution process for the coordinator is always easier when items are neatly organized and executed in a timely manner. Because there are many moving parts to any event, it is always easy to lose track of time on any one task – so a strong event designer and planner are always there to help you stay on track and remain organized by keeping to the timeline.

The timelines at Blue Lotus Insights are legendary. Ask anyone who has ever worked with us. It is such a valuable tool, that many of our clients say they really only truly visualize their event, once we issue our BLI timeline. Included below is a sample of a page 1 of a wedding/reception day timeline. You can see the level of detail — and all before 8am.

Event Planing BLI Timeline Sample

Be sure your event planner has sketched out your day in a similar fashion, as even if it is not followed exactly – it is your guide and blue-print to a timely and successful event.