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    Neha Shah founded Blue Lotus Insights in 2009 because of the urgent need for an event production company that was infinitely customizable across various industries, venues and occasions. With thirteen years of experience in the event industry, she has created a design and planning company that is based on deep personalization of client service.  Neha envisioned a unique process and a dedicated team that can not only execute the event, but focus on an enhanced guest and client experience, while keeping everything on time and on budget.

    In addition to weddings and receptions for all cultures, ethnicities and styles, Neha of Blue Lotus Insights regularly produces Special Events and Celebrity Engagements for the Sundance Film Festival and the Sundance Institute (Including the ‘Artist at the Table’ fundraiser), the Indian Film Festival of LA (Opening & Closing Night Galas), Industry Leadership Awards luncheon at House of Blues on Sunset, and Fundraisers for non-profits like Para Los Ninos. Neha and her company has additional extensive experience producing feature film wrap celebrations, premieres & private parties like a high-profile Fundraiser for Attorney General Kamala Harris.

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    Your event will only be as good as the team that produces it.  Behind the elegance and the excitement is a core team of highly professional and personable event coordinators that make every detail happen with care.  They think on their feet to keep everything seamless on the day, and they make sure you and your guests are well taken care of.  The Blue Lotus Insights Team is what makes our company stand out from the rest.  Our staff loves what they do, are meticulous with the details and preparations, and are there to guide you every step of the way.  


    We provide unique insight throughout the event planning process, as we understand what creative designs and unique styles can complement a variety of themes, cultural needs, scenic venues and urban backdrops throughout Southern California and beyond.  The collective goal of our highly experienced staff is to bring your event to life.  Having the Blue Lotus team available on the day, allows our clients to actually be present to their occasion and enjoy the event.  



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    Your Blue Lotus Insights Team will be there with you from concept to completion


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    Blue Lotus Insights is a premier events company that designs, produces & coordinates a variety of high profile occasions including Weddings & Receptions, Entertainment Industry Events, Awards & Film Festivals, Corporate Events, Conferences and Private Parties.  BLI staff understands what creative designs & styles complement a variety of tastes, styles, venues and urban backdrops throughout California and beyond. Blue Lotus Insights is a premium company: placing personalized experience and quality of execution above all.

    To ensure the occasion runs smoothly, we take a personalized approach with a uniquely customized service (rather than a standard one package fits all scenario). We guide our clients through all stages of the process: creative design, planning, budgeting, coordinating, scheduling, consultation, and execution of the event. Blue Lotus Insights has a highly-trained staff with the experience necessary to produce an elegant occasion according to cultural or corporate specifics, budgetary needs and personal style. 

    We have been reviewed, featured and have dozens of testimonials. We’ve been called professional & personable, organized, and we truly appreciate the importance of the finer details of the occasion.  I wanted to create a company that crafts events in harmony with the unique needs and wishes of every client so that they can truly enjoy their event.  So I’m always striving to find solutions for our clients without compromising service or style, regardless of the size or scope of the event.

    Event Elegance by Design’ is our trademarked slogan, which highlights the value in our personalized service and the kind of design/planning/creative spirit that makes any event successful and fun.”

    Neha Shah – CEO & Founder of Blue Lotus Insights

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    We are always looking for the best and brightest to join the BLI team. Currently we are looking for part-time staff to join us for event day, as well as weekday interns to work at our offices. Please email with your cover letter describing your experience in events, a resume and references, as well as insight into what you would like out of your experience at our company.


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