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    The “Do It Yourself” Bride and Groom is not an accurate description for the process. A bride or a groom (or both together) simply cannot “do it yourself” without making the process less enjoyable than it can be as you lead up to your big day. There are too many logistics, details, and preparations that need to come together, even more so for for mixed ethnicity or multiple venue/ceremony weddings and receptions. Can it be done? Of course it can, but what is needed is experience with how to deal with vendors, layout spatial designs, plan the timeline for the day, preparing the design, finding the right locations, negotiating fair deals, managing your vendors on the day – and so much more. Experience (by the nature of planning your once-in-a-lifetime event) is hard to come by on your own.

    So if you are sure you want to create the centerpieces, visualize the decor on your own, have friends and family that will be there to support you as you shop till you drop, and if you look forward to the idea of working with a florist, the caterer, the Hotel, and like the idea of creating your timeline, dealing with vendors, booking everyone, customizing your table seating, and even working with your day-of coordinator & then you will need experienced support staff on your team. This is where we come in, and we can help you find cost effective solutions to your ideas (and so much more).

    Due to many requests for our services from adventurous and courageous DIY Bride and Groom, Blue Lotus Insights has created a brand new phone/skype consultation service.

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    Pay as you go.
    To get the complete knowledge, experience, support, and help you may require, we recommend you complete all 18 sessions, however there is no contract or commitment required. We believe you will find our service so useful, you pay as you go.

    Pay only 2 sessions in advance, or $99.00.
    (If you are 9 months out, this amounts to $99 for two half-hour sessions a month until your wedding day). If you are 4 months out, you can do more than 2 sessions a month.

    All transactions are online and secure.
    It is easy to pay for and schedule your next appointments in the full 18 session consultation. You can use PayPal or a variety of credit cards and your information will be kept strictly confidential and secure. You will not be charged for any unauthorized sessions.

    You are in control. We are here for you so you don’t have to do it all yourself. Even the cost of all 18 consultation sessions is cheaper than your average day-of-coordinator. We welcome you to consider us part of your team when planning your wedding and reception. Contact us for a free introductory consultation.

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    Q: When is the best time to hire a consultant?
    A: Ideally you are 9 months or more away from your wedding. 6 months is acceptable, but you will have to be dedicated. 3 months requires a full sprint the whole way. Our minimum requirement for the full consultation of 18 sessions is that you are more than 60 days away from your wedding. We hope you haven’t waited that long!
    Q: I already hired a “Day-of Wedding Coordinator.” Why do I need these sessions?
    A: Congrats on bringing on another member of your team. The ‘day-of coordinator’ typically works a few weeks out from your big day. With your wedding just around the corner, you begin to hand over everything to him/her (as by then it should all be prepared and complete, though it rarely is). Unfortunately, your day-of coordinator is only as good as the preparation you provide him/her with. If you are not extremely organized and prepared, the day-of wedding coordinator can’t be held completely responsible for for a poorly executed event. We’re here to make sure that all of your details are perfectly ready to go.
    Q: Why 18 sessions? Can I do less/more?
    A: Regardless of how much time you have, the Blue Lotus Insights Wedding Consulting program requires 18 sessions or “steps” to complete the entire course. The less time you have left before your big day, the faster we will schedule your sessions, and may have to have a few double sessions. You can cancel for a refund at anytime but should you cancel before 18 sessions are accomplished, your preparations will not be complete.*

    Some brides and grooms elect to do more than 18 sessions, especially during their wedding week. Our clients can pay for each additional session separately.

    Q: I only need help with decor and design (for ex.) how can I just have a consultant help me with only this?
    A: For specific help and knowledge in a variety of areas, Blue Lotus Insights offers the Targeted Sessions Program. These sessions cover topics such as Table Seating, escort cards, Ceremonies & Traditions, layouts & design, decor & design, do it yourself centerpieces, vendor management & quote comparisons, and much more.

    Q: What are the 18 sessions?
    A: Each session is geared toward solving primary components of your wedding day and following up with you to make sure you are on track. The sessions also include question and answer, contract review, design ideas, budget considerations, and a variety of information that help complete your wedding prepartions. By the end of the 18 sessions, we will have brought everything we’ve explored, planned, and scheduled together in a digital workbook. This will be complete with contact info, roles and responsibilities, time-lines for the day and much more. The work you put in over the course of the 18 sessions will serve as your road-map for your wedding day.

    Q: What are the order of the 18 sessions?
    A: The order of the sessions will depend upon several factors: a) how far away you are from your wedding / what your priorities are b) what areas you need the most help with first c) what you have accomplished so far and what you have left to do. We can start at any number of entry points in the full curriculum.

    Q: Do I still need a wedding coordinator for the day?
    A: It is recommended, yes. The South Asian DIY Bride should at the very least find a family member or a friend that can be there to support the entire wedding planning process — but this person is available to take over and execute all the preparations you’ve made for the event day itself. We believe that your friends and family should be enjoying with you, and thus we do recommend hiring someone on the day. If you start the consulting program, look into finding a day of coordinator that can come on the week before your event and properly implement the results of our planning together. If this is not practical for you, this consultation program will help you prepare without one.

    Designing, Planning and Coordinating weddings and receptions is not easy. Don’t do it alone when you have a consultant there to support you every step of the way.

    Q: Can you talk to my vendor for me?
    A: We can help you understand all of your wedding vendors — what their needs are, and when what they are asking for is excessive or out of line. We can help you learn how to manage them, and we can help you prepare. We can help you convey to your vendors what your most important needs are — and what they need to know. We can help you with pricing, and give you tips on what to look for in negotiating your final expenses. We can also help you manage your vendors as professionally as possible. However, we cannot talk to your vendors for you.*

    *If you are a Platinum Subscriber and would like to make a conference call to a vendor during one of your sessions, we would be happy to join you on the call.

    Blue Lotus Insights Consulting is about giving you everything you need to be prepared, and handles important decisions made earlier than your ‘Day-of Coordinator’s’ start date. Our consultation program is a great fit if you’ve already found your wedding coordinator as they will only be able to help you with what you’ve prepared for them in the few weeks before the wedding & on the day itself.

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    We understand the need to provide our clients with an exceptional personalized consultation and planning process that includes proper communication, organization, and meticulous execution (not just design).


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