Event Planning: Cinematography & Videography Insights

Things are rapidly changing with regards to event videography. Both in terms of the videographer’s capabilities but also in terms of the technology now available to them. Bringing Jibs and Sliders, shooting on DSLR HD cameras (from 1080 HD to 4k), Live Broadcast, and “Same-Day Edits” are now commonplace at many events. This is a seismic shift in this business, and this is one area where quite often you “get what you pay for” if you go the cheaper or untested route. We’ve heard one-too-many horror stories to take Cinematography lightly.

Creating a short cinematic film of your event is always a great idea whether it’s to share the event and memories with those who were not able to attend or to use the film to further your brand and marketing strategies in the case of our corporate clients. Cinematography also preserves the motions, emotions and actual live moments that pictures otherwise make still. It’s a wonderful way to capture your event for future purposes whether they be personal or professional.

Technology has also afforded a really talented new crop of cinematographers the ability to shoot on incredibly small cameras and create your film as it were a movie. The best videographers don’t have an intrusive presence but are always there at the right moment to capturing your cherished memories as they happen. What a good cinematographer offers in your final film is what will exactly takes you back into the event space and your big day.

Lastly, with the wide array of sharing capabilities online including Vimeo and YouTube, your film can be viewed by many all around the world. This is especially great for those who were not able to attend, and for companies who would like to see their company branded at various international markets. Cinematography is an incredible tool to capture your moving event into a movie and distribute it on a global scale.

One major thing to remember when you work with your Event Planner to find the right cinematographer for your exact needs: Always ask for ALL the raw HD files on a hard drive RIGHT AFTER your events are completed (i.e. give them a hard drive to copy everything during the week after the event). This way, no matter what happens, you have at the very least all of the footage from your event.

Event Planning: Insights on Cocktail and Reception Entertainment

Enchant you guests upon their arrival to your Reception Cocktail hour with entertainment that they will never forget. Live musicians often set the mood in the background, whether it’s a saxophone, mandolin player, a classical trio, or a guitarist and Event Planners love them because they are self-contained and often don’t need amplification from the DJ. They can also play some of your favorite songs, as their instrumentals will be the theme music for your cocktail hour.

Many clients elect to have a photo booth for their guests to be creative and take away tangible memories. Photo and video both that upload directly to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to engage your guests through the evening, while having a nice record of the festivities on social media afterwards.

You want to make your guests experience an evening that doesn’t their social time with their friends and family, yet entertains them when they want to sit back and relax. So considering your entertainment program, not just fun distractions like the Photo booth are key. Your guests will always love to be entertained with non-intrusive yet engaging entertainment.

As the evening continues it’s important to remember to continue the thread of entertainment once you have Wowed your guests into your beautifully decorated reception room. Your guests have been asked to move from locale to another, so they can experience a new environment that will fill them with new forms of entertainment. So remember to engage your guests with a reception program that is right for the evening – and not to overextend the program as to exhaust your guests.

It’s always a great idea to break-up the speeches through performances, video presentations, unique personal stories, and live entertainment. If you have a guest or family member that is schedule to speak and is known to be verbose (or worse, boring) be sure to limit their speech from the get-go to two minutes. They will still go over, but it won’t turn into a 20 minute opus. That’s 20 minutes your guests have to sit and patiently wait for it to pass…

It’s also great to have your host or your DJ continually engage the audience so that they become involved and invested. There is a fine balance between bothering guests, and enticing them to participate and keeping things lively – and the best DJ’s / hosts carry a great personality that can sustain 2-3 hours before dancing can start.

Lastly, it’s best to let ALL of those who might be speaking to keep their speeches, short, sweet, funny and entertaining so that guests don’t lose interest. An ideal reception program is just under an hour so that guests can still continue to enjoy the food, music and friends and family. If it definitely going to go well over two hours, you may want to have a contingency plan to start dinner and continue the program after. (this is far from ideal)

Your Event Planner will be critical in helping you schedule your event so that it runs smoothly, with proper breaks between speeches and performances, and a contingency plan if things are running late. Please speak with her early on about your Cocktail and Reception entertainment so that she may plan a successful program for you!