Event Lighting Insights

Insights into Lighting Design:

Event Lighting Insights

Lighting is an essential decor element because it makes all the details you’ve planned for months look and feel alive and vibrant. You can have a beautiful cake, or stunning centerpieces – but if they are poorly lit, they will NOT be noticed in darker venues.

Lighting always sets the mood and it is the first element of design your guests will viscerally experience as they walk into any space. Various types of lighting exists for the type of event you might be wanting to have. You definitely want to choose a lighting company that will work within your budgeted amount, as well as your design needs and wishes.

Lighting enables you to set various moods throughout the evening so that your guests can enjoy different ‘settings’ from the same environment. It is also a great idea to create lighting around the specific theme of your event so that it compliments your other decorative elements, and makes the style of your occasion seamless.

To add a little more glamour to your event think about adding moving heads that shoot patterns on a surface, as well as pin spots, pattern projections and color washes. Every bit of lighting you decide to place will only go to create a more stunning atmosphere for your guests to remember, and it is far less risky to have too much lighting than not enough. Your event planner, along with your lighting vendor – will look at the venue during a walk through and guide you to find the right balance.

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