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Blue Lotus Insights is skilled in designing, planning and executing weddings of all cultures and backgrounds.  We are highly qualified to produce any type of wedding that the couple desires based on their needs, wishes, ideas and budget.  We have worked with many venues all around the southwest to design, plan and execute dream-weddings, and South Asian brides are our specialty. Blue Lotus Insights is comprised of a highly skilled team that will take care of your every detail so that you can experience a stress free planning process and enjoy every moment of your wedding day.




The Event Designer and Producer works closely with the client on overall design, planning and execution of the event. The Event Designer executes the client’s vision through a creative collaboration, and oversees the vendor relations, locations, schedule, budget and oversees guest as well as VIP experience. Neha Shah is one of the Event Designer and Producers at Blue Lotus.




    The Lead Event Manager is responsible for overseeing the logistics of your event, in coordination with (or may also be) the Event Designer and Producer. This includes arranging your meetings with vendors, coordinating walk-throughs, handling communication and administrative tasks throughout the duration of the event, as well as contributing creatively and thinking fast to ensure the event runs as planned according to the timeline for the event day. The Lead Event Manager is highly skilled with years of event experience.




    The Production Coordinator is the facilitator – the go-to on the event day. The production coordinator is responsible for the guests, family, VIP’s and vendors nailing their roles/responsibilities according to the timeline on the day. They are adept at problem solving, and can be assigned to any area that needs attention in a moments notice as they are skilled in all areas of event producing/managing. The Production Coordinator, along with the Lead Event Manager start working on your event weeks before event day in collaboration with the Event Designer.


    If your event is a wedding, you will be extremely happy with knowing there is a Bride and Groom’s Attendant side-by-side with you each step of the way. Not only is the Bridal Attendant your personal go-to for virtually anything you need – they are there to remind you of things you may otherwise miss on the busy event day. Our Bridal Attendant helps make sure your needs are taken care of, that you are well fed and hydrated, and keeps you moving from one moment to the next on event day. They help you with your looks/wardrobe, they help communicate your needs to the large team, and lastly they are your liaison directly to the Event Producer should anything come up or change. Our Bridal Attendant also comes equipped with a “Bridal Bag” that contains pretty much anything and everything you could possible need on your wedding day (but forgot to bring).


    Events that are larger, or are held at a non-hotel venue / distant location also require the help of our Utility Production Assistant(s). Larger productions require more than one Utility Assist. This member of our team handles a variety of details on your event day, from set up seating cards and your guest book/gift box table – to checking table arrangements and supplying the Client’s and their families/VIP’s with any special request that may come up during the day (within reason). They are there to help our team keep everything moving forward on time and on track, and they are absolutely skilled and critical in events that have tight turnovers in event spaces.


    Our BLI preferred vendor list is extensive and contains the names and contacts of the best wedding vendors in the business. Our Preferred Vendors are our close collaborators who have proven time and time again they will see the event through successfully – and our list is secret and coveted for good reason. With our Premium service, BLI will recommend vendors from our preferred list for each area of your wedding, reception and ceremonies. Vendors cannot request to be added to the list, they are chosen by Blue Lotus Staff after years of excellent service in the Wedding Industry.


With our Premium service, the entire staff at Blue Lotus Insights are right by your side each step of the way ensuring that you stay on schedule, on point and ultimately on budget.  This is the value of our service and it includes phone calls, conference calls, walk-throughs, in-person meetings, problem solving, consultation, introductions to Vendors and so much more.

We create highly customized packages for your wedding events so that each element can be personalized to your particular needs and desires.  We want to walk you through the process of planning a smooth, timely manner so that you can enjoy the last few weeks before your wedding with your friends and family – and be present to the great memories you will have as they happen on your wedding day. Blue Lotus Insights has nearly a decade of wedding designing and planning experience.  We can plan your wedding local to your city or any destination around the world.  Let Blue Lotus Insights help make your dream wedding a reality.

Blue Lotus Insights event planners understand the importance of your wedding day and they are personally invested in their  brides and grooms. Your team at Blue Lotus not not only makes sure your needs are taken care of but also the go out of their way to treat you and your guests like royalty throughout the Wedding and Reception.

In recent years, decorators, florists, DJ’s, singers and a variety of vendors claim they can “also give you event coordination” at a discounted ‘package’ price. Don’t be fooled. These vendors, are similar to in-experienced wedding planners: they are not immune to the challenges that a dedicated Event Team has to face throughout the planning process and especially on the day itself. They are trying to upsell you with a a one-size-fits-all planning/coordination package that is a gamble if every details is important to you. If there is one area you do not want to compromise on when planning your wedding: it’s your dedicated Event Team that will help you see it through to completion.

Poorly planned and executed weddings all suffer from the same problem that inexperienced wedding planners face: they are severely understaffed for what is required, or their team is not trained to run the event with professionalism and efficiency across all departments and the venue. Understandably, decorators and vendors will have their hands full with their primary duty, and running the event as your Event Planner/Coordinator will become a major challenge. By the end of the night, you will had discovered this too late (and have made so many compromises in an effort to save money on your event planning team). Everyone knows what it feels like to be at an event that feels poorly run. The lack of consideration for the client or the guest experience on the actual wedding day is simply unacceptable for our team. A good event planner’s focus is not to meet, but surpass the Client’s expectations.

The value that Blue Lotus Insights provides to your event goes beyond design, planning, coordination and consultation. You have at your side an experienced leader, a quality team that is proven, and the kind of personalized care and attention throughout the entire process that makes the event enjoyable for you and memorable for your family and guests.


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The event planners and designers at Blue Lotus have keen sense for customization of details and meticulous organization throughout the planning process.

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